Hospital medical culture Trang large modern hospital, full-service patients. Couple in the neighboring province of Trang and since it was a clinic, "Dr. Science" by Dr. Lee Valley School was founded in the year 2500 and has steadily increased. From a hospital clinic since 2505, as a partnership in 2520 and is the perfect hospital in 2534 when the current hospital medical culture growth Trang hitherto. Is a 120-bed hospital has a total of fifty-two years ago.
  Hospital medical culture Trang is located at 247/2 Street Phatthalung, Trang province before it even extends to the hospital. People still affectionately known. "Mo Wit" and continues to call the area around the hospital that road, though. "Three separate doctors science" because courtesy of doctor and his wife. Made with love and respect for patients, and patients with both a lot.
  Founder and CEO Want to hospitals, long-term sustainable growth. By focusing on maintaining quality And modern science Standards for Patient Hospitals and contribute to society. Such as health inspection without charge. And volunteer to contribute to society, etc., for the worker. Which has more than 300 lives in the present, the hospital's administrator. Such as those in the same family ever since. It is said that from ever care what you think it is to be a mother and child care. It not only subordinates. Even the patient was treated with relative prices. This is one factor that makes a successful hospital.